❄ Happy Christmas 🎅 to everyone and I wish you a good start in the next year! ❄

Let’us celebrate 2017 with a new tshirt design which you never have experienced before.

But what is so different next year?
Let us have an outlook to spring 2017.

Imagine it is a hot summer day and you’re lying on the beach.

You would like to wear if possible nothing to keep you fresh with air, comming from the sea. Combined with a“marine blue“ wave color.
This unique piece of fashion stands for the business slogan:

„Life young in nature“, SEAVAVE – BEACH FASHION 2017.

Means you will receive a 100% quality tshirt. Witch will snuggle to your body perfectly and present your skin in scene. It will be an outstanding-, casual-, sommer style for your next summer season.


Be one of the first, who wears this kind of tshirt!

Watch our product gallery:

SEAVAVE – Gallery

The first collection will be limited in order. Only 200 pieces will be available in Q1.

For any further information or oder requests please do not hesitate and contact us:


It is also possible to reserve a tshirt in advance.
Please add your tshirt size in the email request.
Reservation guarantee, while stocks last.

Thank you

Greets from Hannover!


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